Wood Vs Vinyl Blinds

Window blinds can be both functional and decorative Window blinds are a versatile window covering that can be decorative and make a bold fashion statement, or they can remain a neutral and functional part of the room. Does this Spark an idea? Cost Wood window blinds are more expensive than any other type of window blind. Vinyl blinds are the [...]

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Wood Vs Faux Wood Blinds

Wood vs. Faux Wood Blinds Wood blinds are popular window coverings. The slat wood coverings provide window protection and privacy. They are available in standard sizes and [...]

Wood Slat Crafts

Wood slats are versatile craft materials that you can use to create many different projects. The slats are typically 1/4-inch thick and are available in a pack of six or more [...]

Wood Blind Components

Wood blinds are available in finishes similar to furniture. Popular in American homes, wood blinds combine the light control, privacy features and style selections of vinyl [...]

Wooden Venetian Blinds Vs Roman Blinds

Wooden venetian blinds and roman blinds are common window treatments that are both used in different ways. Venetian blinds consist of a horizontal slat and string ladder [...]

Wooden Blinds Vs Aluminum Blinds

Wooden and aluminum blinds both come in many styles and color options. Blinds make a fashionably stylish statement on any window, whether or not accompanied by draperies. [...]

Wooden Blinds Information

Wooden blinds filter light, provide privacy and add style to a room. Versatile and functional, wooden blinds are a type of venetian blind. They have movable horizontal slats [...]

Window Treatment Solutions For Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding glass patio doors allow access to the sky, the sun and beautiful views. Yet when it's time to close the doors to the outside world, we're sometimes stuck on our [...]

Window Treatment Solutions For A Bay Window

This unusual five-sided bay window is a great challenge to dress because of the angles. Symbolic of Victorian architecture, bay windows also appear in many newer homes. [...]

Buy Mini Blinds For Your Home

Mini Blinds Mini blinds began years ago with the Venetian blinds which were made out of wood. Aluminum blinds entered the scene for the first time in 1946. Vinyl mini blinds [...]

Patio Door Window Ideas

Patio Door Window Ideas The patio door offers a scenic view of your backyard or side yard. For the windows that decorate the patio door, a window treatment will serve the dual [...]